5 Basement Remodeling Benefits

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Have you been considering remodeling your home? You may be overlooking an excellent space in your renovation plans. Check out these 5 basement remodeling benefits.

It’s Affordable:

If you are seriously considering adding a room to your home, think about remodeling the basement into that room instead. Between the foundation, walls and roof, an addition can get quite costly. Your basement already has all the basics and will save you money.

There Are Dozens of Options:

Chances are your basement is a large, open and empty space. You probably have plenty of options when it comes to adding plumbing, electricity and even walls. From a guest bedroom to a home office, there is almost nothing you can’t do. You can even turn it into an entire apartment.

You Increase Living Space:

Is the family growing? If you need a room to use as a nursery, older children will love the feeling of their own space in the form of basement bedrooms. Maybe everyone fights over the shower in the morning. Why not add an extra bathroom in the basement? No more standing on top of each other while you wait to brush your teeth in the morning, which may be the best of these 5 basement remodeling basements.

You Could Earn Income:

Turning your basement into an apartment offers plenty of space for in-laws to visit or for your college-age children to have their own space, but there may be an even better option. If you can add a private entrance, you can rent out the basement apartment to a young professional, small family or even an elderly couple and earn income in the process. Of course, don’t forget you’ll have to follow landlord-tenant laws.

You’ll Have More Resale Value:

Even if you don’t plan to sell now, adding living space to your basement will be a great selling point in the future and could raise your home’s value by thousands of dollars.

Whether you love one or all of these 5 basement remodeling benefits, always work with professional contractors to ensure your remodel is safe, comfortable and up to code.


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