Bathtub Makeovers Are the Key to Living in Luxury

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Most of the rooms in your house are community areas shared with family, so it can be hard to find a place where you can get away to relax and pamper yourself. A bathtub is quintessential for a spa-like experience in the bathroom, and can make even a small space feel grand and luxurious. Focusing your bathroom remodel on a quality bathtub will make the most of however much space you have to work with.

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your bathroom, it is important to be aware of all the available services and design options. For significant remodeling work, you’ll want to save yourself any safety risks and work with an experienced professional. They will ensure that all regulations and precautions are followed, like preventing water damage, asbestos and seeing to fire hazards.

Choosing a design will be the fun part of your bathroom remodel. Keeping in mind that a bathtub is quintessential for a spa-like experience, you’ll want to think of your favorite spa features and how to apply them to your plans. Perhaps the most popular style aiming for luxury is the whirlpool because of its adjustable massage function. Soaking tubs are also a great choice with their large size and heating capacity, which makes them perfect for relaxing bubble baths.

The claw-foot style is appealing if you’re going for a more classic and sophisticated look in your bathroom. With this style, you have more freedom with the placement and size of the bathtub because it is free standing. Drop-in tubs may be the most reasonable, as they are built beneath the floor and the only visible feature is the rim. If you have an elderly family member, or you want to highlight the sauna aspect of a spa, a walk-in tub may be the most sensible choice.

Remember that different bathtub styles may have space and installation requirements, so you should know the limits of your desired remodeling area. A bathtub is quintessential for a spa-like experience, so have fun with choosing the perfect one for you.

By and large, the best thing you can do for your sub floor in the coming months and years is to find a professional who knows how to locate and repair existing issues as well as prevent new ones from arising. With the right help on your side, your floor can last as long as the rest of your home.


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